In June of 2018, warning bells went off for Ed Pierson, a Senior Manager at Boeing's 737 Factory. The production environment he helped oversee was becoming increasingly chaotic, leading to worrisome lapses in quality and safety. Months later, when two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crashed in separate incidents, killing over 300 people, Pierson took action as a whistleblower, determined to shed light on the potential role played by production defects.

Today, as a leading safety advocate in aviation, Pierson continues to push Boeing and Federal authorities to fully investigate and fix the 737 MAX.

Join him as he discusses the latest safety-related news; chats with a fascinating array of whistleblowers, safety experts, policymakers, and business leaders from around the globe; and explores how all of us can keep our communities safer by heeding our own warning bells.

“I never set out to be a whistleblower - but I knew that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn't speak up.

From the very start I was just trying to do my job - and do the right thing.”