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Explore Ed's Story from the Early Years through his Current Advocacy
1980 - 1993
The Early Years
Grew up in Washington, DC area
Attended U.S. Naval Academy
Navy Flight School
Married Michelle and started raising a family
Left active duty & continued flying in the Navy Reserves
2008 - 2018
Employment at Boeing
Started working for Boeing
Boeing Career
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Started working in 737 Factory
Retired from Navy Reserves
2017 (4th qtr)
737 Factory conditions start to deteriorate initially driven by supply chain problems (e.g., late deliveries of engines)
2018 (1st & 2nd qtr)
Factory conditions worsen (more late parts, overworked employees, skilled labor shortage, shortage of equipment, declining performance metrics)
2018 (2nd qtr)
Identified risks to production quality (increasing numbers of quality reports, large numbers of functional test failures, lots of rework)
June & July 2018
Requested 737 General Manager shutdown the factory due to all the production problems going on and airplane safety risks--request ignored
"Frankly right now all my internal warning bells are going off. And for the first time in my life, I’m sorry to say that I’m hesitant about putting my family on a Boeing airplane."

- June 9, 2018 email to 737 General Manager
Emails to 737 General Manager
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Aug 2018
Retired from Boeing
Requests for Investigation
Oct 29, 2018
Lion Air Flight 610 crash
737 Incident List
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Dec 2018
Requested Boeing's CEO investigate 737 Factory and involve international accident investigators - request ignored
Letter to Boeing CEO
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Jan 2019
Requested Chief Counsel investigate 737 Factory and involve international accident investigators - request ignored
Emails to Chief Counsel
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Feb 2019
Pleaded with Boeing's Board of Directors investigate 737 Factory and involve international accident investigators - request ignored
Mar 2019
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash.
737 MAX is grounded worldwide.
Mar 2019
Contacted NTSB
Requested NTSB investigate 737 Factory and involve international accident investigators - request declined
Letter to NTSB Chairman
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Jun 2019
Interviewed by NTSB
NTSB Interview Key Points
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Sep 2019
Requested FAA investigate 737 Factory and involve international accident investigators - request ignored
Nov 2019
Congress formally requests Ed testify before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
Going Public
Dec 2019
Decided to go public - Interviewed by NBC and NY Times just before Congressional hearing
Dec 2019
Congressional Testimony - during the hearing the FAA Administrator is directed to investigate the 737 Factory & interview Ed
Dec 2019
Boeing fires CEO and announces plans to shutdown the 737 Factory
Feb 2020
Finally interviewed by FAA
Jun 2020
FAA Administrator Testifies before U.S. Senate - provides no evidence international accident investigators were afforded opportunity to investigate factory
Jun 2020
Provide information and recommendations to Congress ref: aviation safety bills
Sep 2020
Final Committee Report
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Nov 2020
737 MAX is recertified and ungrounded after 20 months - "the most scrutinized plane in history" & "100% safe"
CNBC Article
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2021 - Present
Report and Present Day
Jan 2021
Published report "737 MAX - Still Not Fixed". The report links both crashes to production problems & puts forth three new electrical system failure scenarios
737 MAX - Still Not Fixed
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Apr 2021
737 MAX grounded again, as "new" electrical problems emerge, mere months after FAA Recertification

Ed sends letters to DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Senior Advisor Carlos Monje
May 2021
Congress formally requests production records from Boeing and the FAA
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May 2021
Boeing refuses to admit crashed airplanes had production problems
May 2021
Published addendum to Jan 2021 report
May 2021
Boeing and the FAA announce fixes to the electrical problems discovered in April, and continue to deny production problems had anything to do with the crashes
January 2022
737 MAX had at least 42 inflight system malfunctions the first year back in service—and this is just in the United States!
Ed Continues to Investigate the Truth Behind the 737 MAX Tragedies and the Need for Stronger Regulatory Oversight.